Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PJT48: Virtual Japanese Idol group

Photo credit goes to: Kitsune Shan

Hey guys! This post isn't about fashion this time, but to promote the Japanese idol group I am a member of; PJT48 (Project 48)! I think my readers will be very fond of this little-big thing we've got going on -- especially since you guys love all things cute!

So, some of you may be wondering...

Who is PJT48?

PJT48 ( also Project 48 ) is a teen idol group manufactured and managed on Second Life.
We are dancers, artists, and absolutely super duper CUTE!

All of our content is inspired by real-life idol groups such as, but not limited to; BABYMETAL, and AKB48. Our music style ranges from JPop, JRock, and techno.

What is a "Virtual Idol"?

An idol ( アイドル aidoru ) is part of Japanese pop culture. Idols are usually young girls/boys promoted via their "cuteness". They are also supposed to be adored role models for all.
It is mandatory for idols to have a perfect public image as well as being excellent examples to other young people. A virtual idol is all the same, with the exception of being created (and managed ) online; in a virtual world such as Second Life.

What do Virtual Idols do?

Just like real-life idols, virtual idols will aim for positions such as pop singers, small time actors/actresses, models, media personalities, and advertisements.
Most idols choose JPop music, or any genre which is (at the moment) popular.

Who are some notable Idols?

Momoiro Clover Z
Morning Musumi

PJT48 Virtual Idols in action!

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