Monday, December 29, 2014



Hey you guys! Melon Bunny released their first hair, and I'm so excited to bring it to you guys! This hair is called Amelia, and it's an UNRIGGED Mesh up-do, so you can size it for a perfect fit!
M3 head users, you may need to work a little extra, but it'll work if you've got the time! Amelia has a very large range of colors, and the texture brings a very soft look to the air. EEEEEEE, dont you just wanna touch it?! <3



Hair⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Amelia // Mulberry


Poncho⠐♥⠂TORCHI'S • Torchi's Cute Cape Poncho


  Earmuffs⠐♥⠂MISERIA • Fluffy Muffs - Carnation


ღ Head⠐♥⠂UTILIZATOR • M3 Mesh Anime Head
Skin Mod⠐♥⠂[ PARFAIT. ] • Unavailable
Poncho Mod⠐♥⠂.::POMF::. • Winter Cutie Poncho
Backpack⠐♥⠂FOXES • Bookbag - Bunny - Snow

Friday, December 26, 2014

'Tis The Season!

Happy Holidays, everynyan! I know I've been petty slow in pumping out posts, but unfortunately, RL reared it's ugly head at me and stopped me from taking care of bid'nizz! D;
After all, 'tis the season for giving, so please give me your forgiveness! orz

I also wanna send out my thanks to all of my sponsors, and my apologies as well for getting so far behind.

FEATURED EVENT(S): Winter TrendThe Chapter Four



Hair⠐♥⠂SPELLBOUND • Bubsy // Blondes


Sweater⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Slouchy Sweater ( Winter Trend )


  Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Pink


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
Pug⠐♥⠂BIRDY • Do You Wanna Build A Snow Pug? ( The Chapter Four )

Monday, December 1, 2014

Beware of the Polar Bear!

Hey cuties! My last winter-themed post seemed to do well, so maybe you still want something else cute to bundle up in! Melon Bunny released these absolutely adorable mittens -- I looooove these things! Their little poms are so adorable. They complete the outfit perfectly! And of course, there's other colors as well.
So, let's get to it, shall we?

FEATURED EVENT(S): *Frozen FairThe Kawaii Project

*Opens Dec. 1st @ NOON SLT



Hair+Accesories⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Catherine Hair


Bear Coat⠐♥⠂BONNE CHANCE • Pica Pica coat ( The Kawaii Project )
Socks⠐♥⠂SHY GIRL • Bears! Leggings
Boots⠐♥⠂*G FIELD* • "Will" Winter boots


 ღ MITTENS⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Knit Mittens ( Frozen Fair )


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Okaerinasai Goshujinsama!

Hey cuties! Bringing you a super cute maid set I scored at the Xiasumi School Festival -- Mikunch is such an amazing designer, so be sure to check 'em out if you haven't already!
So, I bought the fatpack of this outfit for around maybeee 700L$ -- it's an awesome price considering how well-made these dresses are. You even get a bunch of accessories, including the adorable headdress. You'll have to buy the legs separately but you get a few pantie/stocking colors; it even includes shoes!

FEATURED EVENT(S): Xiasumi School Festival



Hair+Accesories⠐♥⠂ATOMIC • Macaroon - Blondes


Maid Uniform⠐♥⠂MIKUNCH • Apron Dress - Fatpack ( Xiasumi School Festival )
Socks+Shoes⠐♥⠂MIKUNCH • A-N-YO


 ღ ALL Maid Accessories⠐♥⠂MIKUNCH • Apron Dress - Fackpack ( Xiasumi School Festival )
 ღ Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Black


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag )

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hey cuties! Have you ever wondered just what I was wearing today? Or maybe you've seen me wandering around but didn't recognize my outfit? Well, here you are! This is my Look Of The Day. Please enjoy!

FEATURED EVENT(S): Xiasumi School FestivalThe Kawaii Project



Hair+Accesories⠐♥⠂ATOMIC • Macaroon - Blondes


School Uniform⠐♥⠂C'EST LA VIE! • Sarah School Looks - Pink ( Xiasumi School Festival )
Socks⠐♥⠂MUKA • Thigh Socks
Loafers⠐♥⠂KDM • School Loafers - Black2


 ღ Bookbag⠐♥⠂FOXES • Bookbag Bunny - Snow ( The Kawaii Project )
 ღ Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Pink
 ღ Bunny Hairpin⠐♥⠂RSK • Bunny Hairpin pack


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag+Victory+Point )

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow Bunny

Hey cuties! Coming at you with my new look today. It's getting colder, but it's hard finding something to wear that will make you cute and comfortable, amirite guise? Well, have no fear; Make Me Moe has got you covered -- literally!
FEATURED EVENT(S): The Kawaii ProjectThe Gacha Mania Sad November


Hair⠐♥⠂SPELLBOUND • Bubsy - Blondes


Coat+Skirt⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Puffy Coat - White ( The Kawaii Project )
Bear Tights⠐♥⠂SUGAR BUTTON BOUTIQUE • My Teddy Socks & Tights - Pink
Boots⠐♥⠂MELI IMAKO • Boetis Boots


 ღ Earmuffs⠐♥⠂*CILA* • Rabbit Earmuffs ( Gacha @ The Gacha Mania )
 ღ Necklace⠐♥⠂IMEKA • Pearl Necklace with Bow ( The Kawaii Project )
 ღ Scarf⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Grumpy Bunny Scarf - Pink ( Gacha @ Sad November )
 ღ Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Pink
 ღ Bunny Hairpin⠐♥⠂RSK • Bunny Hairpin pack


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag+Victory )

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cute Over Comfort

Howdy guys! Here's a sneak peek of the exclusive purse + heels ( for Slink MID feet ) Sweet Thing created for Kawaii Project, a brand new bi-monthly event! It opens to the public November 15th, so catch your TAXI -- you don't wanna miss this cute event!



Hair⠐♥⠂ROSY MOOD • Kinako - Black


Blouse⠐♥⠂G FIELD • Sweet Blouse - Vanilla ( I hid the ribbon )
Skirt+Bloomers⠐♥⠂DARK MIDDAY DESIGNS • Cupid Skirt With Bloomers
 ღ Heels⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Sweet Doll Heels ( Kawaii Project Exclusive )


 ღ Fur Tippet/Cuffs+Ribbon⠐♥⠂G FIELD • Winter Coat "Natalie" ( Any color )
 ღ Socks⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Princess Socks - White ( Solid )
 ღ Purse⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Sweet Doll Bag ( Kawaii Project Exclusive )
 ღ Earmuffs⠐♥⠂EDELWEISS • Ear Muffs - white ( Gacha )


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂VCO • YOMI Mesh Head
Eyes⠐♥⠂LANGLY • Eyes Pack #2
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes
ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag+Mouse )
Feet⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Feet ( MID )

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Hair⠐♥⠂TABLEAU VIVANT • Aidoru Series - Yuimetal ( Xiasumi School Festival )


Outfit⠐♥⠂M.BIRDIE STORY • Goodnight Bongsook ( Gacha @ Xiasumi School Festival )
Stockings⠐♥⠂DARK MIDDAY DESIGNS • High Mesh Ruffled Stockings


 ღ Necklace⠐♥⠂+Half-Deer+ • NEKOlace
 ღ Elephant Plushie⠐♥⠂KIRIN • My Little Elephant ( Pose pack )
 ღ Sleeping Mask⠐♥⠂TEE*FY • Sleepy Bunny Sleeping Mask ( Gacha )
 ღ Bracelet⠐♥⠂*EDELWEISS* • Chouchou Pastel White ( Gacha )


ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag )
Plushies⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Giraffe Plushies ( Gacha @ Xiasumi School Festival )
ღ Hellpup⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • The Princess Hellpup ( Chubby Hellpups Gacha @ Xiasumi School Festival )

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Date Night!

ARGRACE  Beetle Bones  BOOM  Edelweiss  Half-Deer  Melon Bunny  Offbeat  Slink  Sweet Thing  The Sugar Garden


Hair⠐♥⠂ARGRACE • MIZUKI ( Light Brown )


ღ Eyes⠐♥⠂Melon Bunny • Doll Glass Eyes ( Coal )

ღ Head⠐♥⠂The Sugar Garden • Tsu Mesh Head ( X Tone )
ღ Body⠐♥⠂Slink • Physique Mesh Body


Outfit⠐♥⠂Offbeat • Hello To My Sweetie
Heels⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing • Sweetheart Booties ( Pink & White )


 ღ Necklace⠐♥⠂+Half-Deer+ • NEKOlace ( Brown Tabby )
 ღ Heart Purse⠐♥⠂Beetle Bones • Hearts Sling Pouch
 ღ Hair Bow⠐♥⠂*BOOM* • Itsy Hair Bow ( RARE - ALL COLORS )
 ღ Bracelet⠐♥⠂*Edelweiss* • Chouchou ( Pastel White )


ღ Hands⠐♥⠂Slink • Female Hands ( Flat )
Feet⠐♥⠂Slink • Female Feet ( Mid )

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Angel Lace


Hair⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • Ami Hair & Lil Bow Horns ( Gacha Mania )


Eyes⠐♥⠂Candy Mountain • Dew Eyes 

Head⠐♥⠂The Sugar Garden • Tsu Mesh Head
Body⠐♥⠂Slink • Slink Physique Mesh Body


Lingerie⠐♥⠂MAAI • Freya Lingerie ( White )


 ღ Choker⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • Botanica Collar
 ღ Head Wings⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • White Angel Minis


Hands⠐♥⠂Slink • Female Hands (Flat)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh My Maid!~




UtilizatorMokyuMelon Bunny [ parfait. ] Wasabi Pills Blah. *BOOM* Edelweiss .::POMF::. Risaka Leissa Underneath The Acorn Tree



Hair⠐♥⠂Wasabi Pills • Noriko & Chloe (2 different hairs mixed into one)


Head⠐♥⠂Mokyu • HINA Anime Head


Dress⠐♥⠂Melon Bunny • Sweet Maid Dress (Kemono Ver.)
Shoes⠐♥⠂Blah. • My Pearly Doll Platform Flats (SLINK FLAT FEET)
Stockings⠐♥⠂Utilizator • (Included with Kemono Body)


 ღ Bunny Hairpin⠐♥⠂Risaka Leissa • Bunny and Bear Hairpin (Fatpack)
 ღ Hair Bow⠐♥⠂*BOOM* • Mosey Hair Bow (Modded!)
 ღ Hair Tie⠐♥⠂EdelweissChouchou Pastel Pink (GACHA/MODDED)


Eye Mod⠐♥⠂[ parfait. ]UNRELEASED
Skin Mod⠐♥⠂.::POMF::. • Sweet Lolita Mod
Head Mod⠐♥⠂.::POMF::. • Sweet Lolita Mod

Mesh Body⠐♥⠂Utilizator • Kemono Mesh Body
Stockings Mod⠐♥⠂Underneath The Acorn Tree • Kemono Lace Skirt and Stockings

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pretty Posh Princess


 Lo*momoUtilizatorCandy CutieThe Secret HideoutMokyuUnderneath The Acorn TreeMelon BunnyBeetleBonesThe Sugar Garden



Hair⠐♥⠂Lo*momo • Ajuga (Blond)


Head⠐♥⠂Utilizator • M3 Mesh Anime Head


Dress⠐♥⠂Melon Bunny • Sweet Rabbit Dress
Shoes⠐♥⠂The Sugar Garden • Ruffle Platforms White (SLINK FLAT FEET)
Stockings⠐♥⠂Utilizator • (Included with Kemono Body)


 ღ Purse⠐♥⠂BeetleBones • Hearts Sling Pouch (Neutral Pack)
 ღ Hair Bows⠐♥⠂Lo*momo • (INCLUDED WITH HAIR)


Eyebrow Mod⠐♥⠂Mokyu •  Eyebrows4
Eyelash Mod⠐♥⠂Candy Cutie • Hime Lashes
Eye Mod⠐♥⠂Candy Cutie • Basic Eyes (Blue)
Skin Mod⠐♥⠂Underneath The Acorn Tree •  Kemono Halflings (Monotone, Human)
Head Mod⠐♥⠂The Secret Hideout • Keiko M3 Head Appliers

Mesh Body⠐♥⠂Utilizator • Kemono Mesh Body

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pastella Paradise!


Melon BunnyThe Sugar Garden[ parfait. ]*Cila*Sweet Thing.*BOOM*SlinkCandy CutieCandy MountainTRUTH Hair


Hair⠐♥⠂TRUTH Hair •Jinx Pastels


Eyes⠐♥⠂Melon Bunny • Doll Glass COAL
Head⠐♥⠂The Sugar Garden • TSU Mesh Head A tone
Skin⠐♥⠂The Sugar Garden • (Included w/ TSU mesh head)


Jumper + Shirt⠐♥⠂[ parfait. ] • Kawaii Jumper Dress (HUNT item!)
Shoes⠐♥⠂Melon Bunny • Dorthy Pink Platforms


Bracelet⠐♥⠂*Cila* • Hikari Silver Purple Bracelet
Bracelet2⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • Starshine Charm Bracelet • Gacha Mania
Hair clip⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • Shooting Heart Hair Clip • Gacha Mania
Necklace⠐♥⠂Sweet Thing. • Candy Bow Necklace • Gacha Mania
Hair bow⠐♥⠂*BOOM* • Mosey Hair Bow PETAL (Modded)


Hands (Left)⠐♥⠂Slink • Female Mouse
Hands (Right)⠐♥⠂Slink •  Female Victory
Manicure⠐♥⠂Candy Cutie • Cutiebear
Feet⠐♥⠂Slink • Female Flat
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂Candy Mountain • Falsies

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PJT48: Virtual Japanese Idol group

Photo credit goes to: Kitsune Shan

Hey guys! This post isn't about fashion this time, but to promote the Japanese idol group I am a member of; PJT48 (Project 48)! I think my readers will be very fond of this little-big thing we've got going on -- especially since you guys love all things cute!

So, some of you may be wondering...

Who is PJT48?

PJT48 ( also Project 48 ) is a teen idol group manufactured and managed on Second Life.
We are dancers, artists, and absolutely super duper CUTE!

All of our content is inspired by real-life idol groups such as, but not limited to; BABYMETAL, and AKB48. Our music style ranges from JPop, JRock, and techno.

What is a "Virtual Idol"?

An idol ( アイドル aidoru ) is part of Japanese pop culture. Idols are usually young girls/boys promoted via their "cuteness". They are also supposed to be adored role models for all.
It is mandatory for idols to have a perfect public image as well as being excellent examples to other young people. A virtual idol is all the same, with the exception of being created (and managed ) online; in a virtual world such as Second Life.

What do Virtual Idols do?

Just like real-life idols, virtual idols will aim for positions such as pop singers, small time actors/actresses, models, media personalities, and advertisements.
Most idols choose JPop music, or any genre which is (at the moment) popular.

Who are some notable Idols?

Momoiro Clover Z
Morning Musumi

PJT48 Virtual Idols in action!

Follow us on Facebook!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sweet Thing. "Your Grace" heels

Your Grace Heels for Slink Mid Feet -- created by AyaShula of "Sweet Thing."

These amazingly cute heels have up to 8 different color variations. Each version comes with 2 base/lace options, 12 pearl options, 10 bow options, 10 rose options + the option to have NO rose, and 8 heel options. The Fatpack comes with all options, including 16 base/lace options.
They are being released August 7th at The Big Show.

Creator: AyaShula
Store Name: Sweet Thing.
Store SLURL:
Store Marketplace:
Store Flickr:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cupcake Disguise Mini hats

Surprise! I haven't forgotten about you guys. . Sweet Thing. has just released these two ULTRA CUTE cupcake hats! They are very well detailed, Mod, and copy -- so fit them on your stubborn hairs!

Be sure to pick up your super cute disguise right meow at the . Sweet Thing. main store. 
Don't forget to join their group for updates!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cupcakes Anonymous 5L$ Hunt

(100% Rigged mesh dress, sized XXS-L: available in colors Black, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Red)

Hey guys! Mai here, bringing you an important announcement; I'll be participating in the Cupcakes Anonymous hunt where ALL hunt items are only 5L$! More colors of my dress will be released once the hunt is over, so be sure to keep checking back!

Here's some helpful information taken from the info notecard:

{Theme is Senpai Notice Me}

-Hunt prizes are 5L each-

[Hunt runs August 1st-31st, 2014]

~Hunt item to find is a mesh cupcake~

  • For hints, prize photos, slurls, and more please go to for more information.

Group invite for hunt help, trouble shooting, and lively conversation with fellow hunters:

See you soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ready for Manga Fair?

Hey guys! Manga Fair is approaching rapidly and I've got a sneak-peek including one of the MANY super cute items that are going to be there, so keep reading to find out!

Candy Events is having it's very first Manga Fair in Second Life! The fair starts on the 1st of July at 12AM SLT/PDT and will end on the 30th of July at 12AM SLT/PDT. Find out more information on their blog HERE, and check out their Facebook page HERE

In this photo


A combination of hairs from different creators that I put together for myself.


Dress*Sew Cute & Sew Chic* - Pink Kawaii Princess Dress

StockingsDark Midday Designs - High ruffled Stockings

Footwear. Sweet Thing. - Lovely Creepers in White


Bracelets*Edelweiss* Chouchou Pastel Pink and Pastel White ( GACHA ITEM )

CellphoneThe Sugar Garden - Keitai Flip-Phone in Sweets Decoden ( RARE GACHA ITEM )

Wings. Sweet Thing. - Pastel Pink Angel Minis ( MANGA FAIR 2014 EXCLUSIVE ITEM )

Collar The Sugar Garden - Good Kitty collar in Ojou-sama ( RARE GACHA ITEM )

 Backpack (Not shown) ♡ *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack in PANDA (Blush) ( RARE GACHA ITEM )


Sunglasses*katat0nik* Bunny Sunglasses ( GACHA ITEM )

Hairclipsrsk** - Bunny and Bear Hair Pin fatpack

Hairbows *BOOM* - Mosey Hairbow in Petal


HeadMokyu - HINA anime head


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Dots-Senpai

Hey guys! I know I've been gone for a while, SO — to make up for my absence — here's a cute sweet lolita dress for you AND a cute "I Killed Your Senpai" crop sweater; both from the wonderfully adorable store MELON BUNNY.

In this photo:



  • (Left) Melon Bunny - Sweet Dots Dress [ Lucky Board item! ]

  • (Right) Melon Bunny - I Killed Your Senpai cropped sweater [ Unreleased ]


  • (Right) The Sugar Garden - Keitai Flip Phone - Sweets Decoden [RARE Gacha item from The Arcade!]

Monday, June 2, 2014

Keiko's Day Off!: Real Gangstaz of SL


  • Hey guys!~ It's your humble and faithful blogger Keiko, and my friend Li. Today was my rest day, so we had a beach party, took cute photos, and had some yummy lemonade! Forget everyone else; Sometimes, all you need are friends~


Please stay tuned for the 3rd installment of Keiko's Day Off! - I promise it won't melt your brain (maybe)!

Sweet Lolita @ [ parfait. ]

The lolita dresses are finally here and available in-world AND on marketplace. There is also a new group gift.

Round of applause to ..::POMF::..'s store owner; ・Miaru・ (ayase.snowpaw) for providing a custom dress alpha that is compatible with her 2.0 body skin mod.
You will also find the basic 2.0 avatar skin textures that match the M3; also with alpha!

As always, don't forget your group tag for discounts and your gift!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keiko's Day Off! #1

'Eyyy! I'm starting a photo series called "Keiko's Day Off!". What is Keiko's Day Off! you are wondering? It will consist of silly things I do on my own or with friends. Now you get to see how silly I really can be!

Since it's for my day(s) OFF; I won't be listing what I am wearing UNLESS it is for promotional reasons. HOWEVER; you may ask me what I am wearing in a specific post, and I will answer!~

"Dorthy" by Melon Bunny Boutique

Introducing the NEW (& Unreleased!) "Dorthy" dress from none other than Melon Bunny Boutique!
Now normally, I just jump straight to where to get all of this. But I wanna do a review first!

I love this dress. I love these shoes. A lot of detail was put into this entire outfit. It's unseen while you're wearing these items - but once you get your hands on em, rez them out and look closely. MB included super cute tags to their items that I never noticed before! They actually took the time to add in tiny details that most creators don't. I love it!

Clicking on the tags also links to ALL of their blogs - so you'll never miss an update!

Moving onto the shoes; these are fantastic. Please note: that these fit Slink FLAT feet ONLY.They will NOT work with regular Linden Lab feetsies.

The dress fits nicely. I didn't have an alpha for it - but it fit me very well even without one. There may or not be an alpha included for the initial release, so be aware!

Overall, though. I give this a 10/10. Everything fit the way it should!

  • This outfit has not been released yet, so keep checking Melon Bunny Boutique for your chance to buy it!

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Gardener Dress" by Melon Bunny Boutique

Let me start off by saying, I love this dress. Because it is beautifully made AND fitmesh. Now; the owner of Melon Bunny knows that the only color I ever usually wear is pink.  ( right, Li? ) WELL. I GUESS I LIED.

Because I am wearing this. Li is the only one who can get me into something that isn't pink, and still be in love with it. Please go get this dress for yourself, it's super mega cute!

In this photo:


  • Hair: LCKY - Mui Disaster Pack



  • Boots: City Glam - Helen Boots in cream

  • Socks: EB Atelier - Mesh Socks


  • Flower Basket: OW - Basket with flowers in Pink

  • Flower Headdress: [Wishbox] - Rose Crown in Pink Tipped

  • Headdress: ( Comes with the Gardener Dress )