Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow Bunny

Hey cuties! Coming at you with my new look today. It's getting colder, but it's hard finding something to wear that will make you cute and comfortable, amirite guise? Well, have no fear; Make Me Moe has got you covered -- literally!
FEATURED EVENT(S): The Kawaii ProjectThe Gacha Mania Sad November


Hair⠐♥⠂SPELLBOUND • Bubsy - Blondes


Coat+Skirt⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Puffy Coat - White ( The Kawaii Project )
Bear Tights⠐♥⠂SUGAR BUTTON BOUTIQUE • My Teddy Socks & Tights - Pink
Boots⠐♥⠂MELI IMAKO • Boetis Boots


 ღ Earmuffs⠐♥⠂*CILA* • Rabbit Earmuffs ( Gacha @ The Gacha Mania )
 ღ Necklace⠐♥⠂IMEKA • Pearl Necklace with Bow ( The Kawaii Project )
 ღ Scarf⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Grumpy Bunny Scarf - Pink ( Gacha @ Sad November )
 ღ Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Pink
 ღ Bunny Hairpin⠐♥⠂RSK • Bunny Hairpin pack


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
ღ Hands⠐♥⠂SLINK • Female Hands ( Bag+Victory )

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