Thursday, October 15, 2015


Altair* BB//MM ENFERSOMBRE Edelweiss Kirin  
• Lovely Alien  •  Melon Bunny Milk Motion
 Somali • Sweet Thing UTILIZATORWuff!.tsg.


Featured Event(s) 

 The Kawaii Project  October 15 - November 10, 2015



Hair  Sweet Thing Puppy Hair ( Gacha Item )


Outfit  Melon Bunny Brite Magic Dress (@ The Kawaii Project)
Bloomers Edelweiss Irie 2.0
Footwear  Melon Bunny Brite Magic Boots @ The Kawaii Project  


Eyelashes  Lovely Alien  Starry Lashes
Nails  Wuff! Kemono Finger Nails


Hairclips/BraceletSweet Thing Shooting Heart Hair Clip, Shooting Star Hairclip/Starshine Charm Bracelet (Gacha Item)
Necklace  Altair*  Crystallized Insults .senpai noticed. @The Kawaii Project
Hairbows Sweet Thing Puppy Hair - Starchild Bows .Goddess. (Gacha Item)
Staff Altair* Bunny Magic! Staff .SUPER Rare. (Gacha Item)
Wings SOMALI PataPata Wing 3 .Angel. (Gacha Item)



Main Pose+Side Pose  Kirin  Mochi
Mesh Body  UTILIZATOR Kemono Body
Mesh Head/Ears+Eyes tsg IRIS .B tone.
Body Skin Mod ENFERSOMBRE Kemono Skin .B tone.
Mesh Legs BB//MM Kemono Legs .Flat.



Curtain  Milk Motion Lili Doll .Bedroom Curtain.
Window Milk Motion Lili Doll .Bedroom Window.

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