Monday, December 1, 2014

Beware of the Polar Bear!

Hey cuties! My last winter-themed post seemed to do well, so maybe you still want something else cute to bundle up in! Melon Bunny released these absolutely adorable mittens -- I looooove these things! Their little poms are so adorable. They complete the outfit perfectly! And of course, there's other colors as well.
So, let's get to it, shall we?

FEATURED EVENT(S): *Frozen FairThe Kawaii Project

*Opens Dec. 1st @ NOON SLT



Hair+Accesories⠐♥⠂SWEET THING • Catherine Hair


Bear Coat⠐♥⠂BONNE CHANCE • Pica Pica coat ( The Kawaii Project )
Socks⠐♥⠂SHY GIRL • Bears! Leggings
Boots⠐♥⠂*G FIELD* • "Will" Winter boots


 ღ MITTENS⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Knit Mittens ( Frozen Fair )


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies

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