Friday, December 26, 2014

'Tis The Season!

Happy Holidays, everynyan! I know I've been petty slow in pumping out posts, but unfortunately, RL reared it's ugly head at me and stopped me from taking care of bid'nizz! D;
After all, 'tis the season for giving, so please give me your forgiveness! orz

I also wanna send out my thanks to all of my sponsors, and my apologies as well for getting so far behind.

FEATURED EVENT(S): Winter TrendThe Chapter Four



Hair⠐♥⠂SPELLBOUND • Bubsy // Blondes


Sweater⠐♥⠂MELON BUNNY • Slouchy Sweater ( Winter Trend )


  Glasses⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • Megane Classic - Pink


ღ Head+Skin⠐♥⠂THE SUGAR GARDEN • MIZU Mesh Head - C Tone
Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes + CANDY MOUNTAIN • Falsies - Fluffy Falsies
Pug⠐♥⠂BIRDY • Do You Wanna Build A Snow Pug? ( The Chapter Four )

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