Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Hello, everyone! AniMAY Gacha Fair is in full-swing, and you've still got plenty of time to pick up some really cute stuff for your Avatar 2.0 or Kemono body from Utilizator! That's right, this gacha event is specifically for those two bodies; have fun, anime fans!

Featured Event(s): AniMAY Gacha Fair
Open May 1st ~ 25th



This hair is a personal hair, sorry!


ღ Apron⠐♥⠂MIKAZUKI • Sexy Apron
ღ Apron Texture⠐♥⠂[ PARFAIT. ] • Assorted Aprons RARE #2 ( AniMAY Gacha Fair )
ღ Underwear⠐♥⠂WRETCH • Assorted Aprons RARE #2 ( AniMAY Gacha Fair )
ღ Underwear Texture⠐♥⠂[ PARFAIT. ] • Pop! Outfit - Blue
ღ Stockings⠐♥⠂AMBIX • Tippy Knee Stockings


  ღ Headdress⠐♥⠂B.C.C • Yum Yum Mochi headdress (Black - RARE)
 ღ Hair pin⠐♥⠂RSK • Bunny Hair Pin
ღ Collar⠐♥⠂TSG • Good Kitty Collar (French Maid - RARE)
  ღ Garters⠐♥⠂DARKENDSTARE • Little Witch Garters - Black&White ( AniMAY Gacha Fair )


  ღ Eyebrows⠐♥⠂POMF • Fuzzy Eyebrows
ღ Eyes⠐♥⠂[ PARFAIT. ] • Kitten Eyes
ღ Skin⠐♥⠂This skin is a personal skin, sorry!


ღ Mesh Head⠐♥⠂UTILIZATOR • M3 Mesh Anime Head
ღ Mesh Body⠐♥⠂UTILIZATOR • Kemono Body



ღ Left Pose⠐♥⠂KIRIN • My Cute Pinwheel Pose Pack
ღ Center Pose⠐♥⠂KIRIN • Elephant Pose Pack
ღ Right Pose⠐♥⠂KIRIN • Rumi Pose Pack

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