Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Girl

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• Love Soul • Lovely Alien • Maitreya • Miwa's Airship • Nomi


Hello, everyone! I'm here to bring you quite a cute getup today, in support of the upcoming Ai Gacha event happening May 1st ~ 25th. I hope to see you there, and I'm so happy I got chosen to blog for this event!

Featured Event(s): Ai Gacha



Hair⠐♥⠂LALA MOON • Rela Cute


ღ Dress⠐♥⠂MIWA'S AIRSHIP • woaini #4 ( Ai Gacha Event )
ღ Heels⠐♥⠂MIWA'S AIRSHIP • woaini #RARE1 ( Ai Gacha Event )


  ღ Bear Bag⠐♥⠂CLOUD • Miss u Bear Choco ( Ai Gacha Event )
  ღ Sunglasses⠐♥⠂LE PRIMITIF • Vintage Hazel Sunglasses


  ღ Eyelashes⠐♥⠂LOVELY ALIEN • Starry Eyelashes
  ღ Eyeliner⠐♥⠂GLAM AFFAIR • Couture Eyeliner No.05


ღ Mesh Head + Skin⠐♥⠂NOMI X CILA • MieMie Mesh Head
ღ Eyes⠐♥⠂CHOP SHOP • Real Mortar
ღ Mesh Body⠐♥⠂MAITREYA • Maitreya Lara



ღ Pose⠐♥⠂KIRIN • Asuka Pose Pack
ღ Beverage⠐♥⠂LOVE SOUL • Soda Float*Strawberry ( Gacha )

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