Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Dorthy" by Melon Bunny Boutique

Introducing the NEW (& Unreleased!) "Dorthy" dress from none other than Melon Bunny Boutique!
Now normally, I just jump straight to where to get all of this. But I wanna do a review first!

I love this dress. I love these shoes. A lot of detail was put into this entire outfit. It's unseen while you're wearing these items - but once you get your hands on em, rez them out and look closely. MB included super cute tags to their items that I never noticed before! They actually took the time to add in tiny details that most creators don't. I love it!

Clicking on the tags also links to ALL of their blogs - so you'll never miss an update!

Moving onto the shoes; these are fantastic. Please note: that these fit Slink FLAT feet ONLY.They will NOT work with regular Linden Lab feetsies.

The dress fits nicely. I didn't have an alpha for it - but it fit me very well even without one. There may or not be an alpha included for the initial release, so be aware!

Overall, though. I give this a 10/10. Everything fit the way it should!

  • This outfit has not been released yet, so keep checking Melon Bunny Boutique for your chance to buy it!

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