Monday, May 19, 2014

Moe Ukiwa from [ parfait. ]

Please read! There is a story behind these ukiwa/swim rings. First and foremost, these were not my original idea. Someone else came up with these ukiwa - and created them. They were set out for free inside of a store. I first found my friend wearing one - and I wanted it!

But here is the sad part. By the time I discovered them, they were already taken down when the owner's store disappeared. As did she. These ukiwa were lost forever and no one else would be able to experience the cuteness. They had dozens of animations from what I've seen on my friend's ukiwa.

Then he told me it was all prim. So I took it upon myself to recreate the ukiwa design, trying my best to get it to look exactly as the other - but of course with my own take on the textures. It was very hard, to say the least but I feel like it was worth it.

So why am I not making a profit from these? Because even though I put in my time to create these, they were already made before mine. I only resurrected them in my own way. They were born free, and that is how they shall stay. Because everyone deserves a cute ukiwa. :)

I was not able to recreate the animations, as I don't know how to animate. But I DID make a standard p4 hold anim that should work with most AOs - preferably if your AO is p3. But you MUST have a p3 walk anim or it will override the hold.

Where can I get this?
  • You can get your free ukiwa in my shop HERE
Please enjoy, and tell your friends!

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