Monday, May 26, 2014

"Gardener Dress" by Melon Bunny Boutique

Let me start off by saying, I love this dress. Because it is beautifully made AND fitmesh. Now; the owner of Melon Bunny knows that the only color I ever usually wear is pink.  ( right, Li? ) WELL. I GUESS I LIED.

Because I am wearing this. Li is the only one who can get me into something that isn't pink, and still be in love with it. Please go get this dress for yourself, it's super mega cute!

In this photo:


  • Hair: LCKY - Mui Disaster Pack



  • Boots: City Glam - Helen Boots in cream

  • Socks: EB Atelier - Mesh Socks


  • Flower Basket: OW - Basket with flowers in Pink

  • Flower Headdress: [Wishbox] - Rose Crown in Pink Tipped

  • Headdress: ( Comes with the Gardener Dress )

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